Hexagram Committees

Hexagram is governed by a series of committees which includes an executive committee, a programming committee, a student grant committee, antenna committees and the board of directors.
  • Executive Committee

    The executive committee is made up of the co-directors, associate directors from each antenna, two regular members at large from the two antennas, two students (UQAM and Concordia), and one member-partner with a two-year mandate.

    The executive committee meets every six weeks to oversee the smooth running of the network, allocate budgets, develop and propose membership policies, approve programming, do promotion, support and generate new activities and research groups, help liaise between members and their students as well as with local and international collaborators, and aim to harmonize operations across the two antennas. Each committee member is responsible for sitting on another committee.

    Current members

    • Christopher Salter
    • Jonathan Lessard
    • Cécile Martin
    Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    • Yan Breuleux
    Université du Québec à Montréal
    • Armando Meniccaci
    • Gisèle Trudel
    • André Éric Létourneau
    • Marine Theunissen
    • Lorella Abenavoli
  • Programming Committee

    The programming committee consists of the co-directors, regular and student members from UQAM and Concordia, one local member-collaborator and one international member-collaborator with a two-year mandate.

    Committee members meet every six weeks and propose to the executive committee activities that form part of the annual programming schedule, in keeping with the research axes’ thematics. These become the network’s dissemination activities.

    Current members

    • Christopher Salter
    Université de Montréal
    • Thierry Bardini
    Université du Québec à Montréal
    • André Éric Létourneau
    • Armando Menicacci
    • Cynthia Noury
    Univeristé du Québec à Chicoutimi
    • Yan Breuleux
  • Student Grants Committee

    The student grants committee consists of one executive committee member, two regular members, and one external expert.

    The grants committee is responsible for evaluating applications, appointing external experts to sit in on application evaluations, making recommendations to the executive committee for evaluation criteria, and promoting competitions and funded research.

    Current members

    • Jean Décarie (UQAM)
    • Rila Khaled (Concordia)
    • Louis-Claude Paquin (UQAM)
    External expert
    • Katja Melzer (Collaboratrice)
  • Board of Directors

    The board of directors meets annually and consists of the co-directors, the associate deans of the Faculties of Arts at Concordia and UQAM, of Communications at UQAM, and of Arts and Science at Concordia; a representative of each university’s research office, and a local collaborator with a two-year mandate.

    The board of directors approves the network’s strategic plan, and ensures the adoption of appropriate legal procedures (MoUs, equipment budgets, transfers, etc.) between university partners. The board examines the network’s financial situation in relation to support for antennas. Additionally, it approves the co-directors’ candidacies and, upon the executive committee’s recommendations, ensures the healthy functioning of the network.

    Current members

    • Christopher Salter
    • Anne Whitelaw
    • Kim Sawchuk
    • Dominique Michaud
    Université du Québec à Montréal
    • André Éric Létourneau
    • Dominic Hardy
    • Lise Renaud
    • Jean-Pierre Richer
  • UQAM Antenna Committee

    Each antenna committee is made up of the associate director of the antenna, four regular members of the antenna and a student with a two-year mandate.

    This committee coordinates the support and development of research at the antenna level, and is responsible for equipment and infrastructure.

    Current members

    • Jean Décarie (director)
    • Dany Beaupré
    • André Éric Létourneau
    • Denis Poulin
    • Robert Saucier
    • Sylvie Readman
    • Martin Pelletier
    • Radhanatha Gagnon
Previous committee members

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