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Latest posts from Hexagram

Quebec-Mexico exchange

  In 2016-2017, Hexagram and the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) will organize four artistic exchanges on music and sound.   Following the initiative of Ricardo dal Farra and Sandeep Bhagwati, two Hexagram members, these exchanges will develop tangible cooperation between these organizations.   In the fall of 2016, Maxime Michaud and […]

Call for applicants – data entry assistant contract

Tasks   In collaboration with Hexagram’s General Coordinator, the data entry assistant will extract and sort information from members-researchers CCV and fichier joint to integrate it to the annual report and eRegroupement data base (FRQSC).   Requirements   Efficiency, rigor and thoroughness Data Entry Experience or experience with Word and Excel Bilingualism Interest in media […]

Hexagram participation to The Night of Theatre n°9

  Hexagram Co-director André Éric Létourneau will participate to The Night of Theatre n°9 on January 28th 2017 at at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India.   The Night of Theatre n°9 / La nuit des idées is a night-long festival of contemporary performing arts and inventive thought, […]

2017 Hexagram Students members Grants Competition

    The annual Hexagram Student Grants competition is now launched! The application deadline is Monday, January 30th, 2017 at 5 pm. Detailed information and application forms are available on our website.   Overview: Grants are awarded every year to students whose Supervisor or Co-Supervisor is a Hexagram regular member. These grants support innovative research-creation projects […]

Le circuit de Bachelard | A collaboration between UQAM & ÉTS

  Jean Dubois and Ghyslain Gagnon’s latest collaboration is featured in Québec-Sciences Magazine. In this article, the researchers discuss links that enrich the disciplines of arts and engineering. While Jean Dubois states: “Interactive technologies engage the public like never before”, students and engineering professors contributing to these interactive artworks discover, a new way to see […]

Hexagram supports the I/O [Input/Output] Symposium

  Hexagram is proud to sponsor the I/O [Input/Output] Symposium, a student member’s initiative organized with the support of the TAG Research Centre, the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology and the Mlab.   The I/O [Input/Output] Symposium took place at Concordia University on November 25th, 2016. Setting it’s attention upon computational subcultures and their communal, […]

Hexagram @ Research Sector Showcase

  Hexagram will be present at Concordia University Research Showcase, Wednesday, November 23, from 2pm to 4pm with members publications and the network’s activities. Come drop by!   EV Building Atrium (Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex) Concordia University 1515, Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal   About Research Showcase:

Hexagram-UQAM Open House

  On Tuesday, October 18th at 3 pm, Hexagram-UQAM invites you to the tour of the antenna infrastructure. We will visit labs and you will also have the chance to discover projects from some of the artists – researchers. Welcome to all students curious to know more about Hexagram-UQAM.   HEXAGRAM MEMBERS ATTENDEES:   GrupMuv […]

CQAM: Media Art University Labs tour

  On Tuesday October 18th at 3PM, CQAM invites you to the Montreal’s Media Art University Laboratories tour in partnership with Hexagram!   We will visit labs from Hexagram-Concordia and Hexagram-UQAM. You will also have the chance to discover projects from artists/researchers. If you are an artist, cultural worker, simply curious or passionate by the […]

Annual General Members Assembly

  The Annual General Members Assembly will take place on September 15, 2016, at 5:30 pm.   Resource Center – EV 11.705 EV Building Concordia University 1515 St-Catherine West 11th floor Montréal   The assembly is open to all members, students, regulars, collaborators and postdoc. The assembly is the perfect time to have an update […]

Concerted Action

Concerted action – Responsible conduct in research-creation   Montreal, June 2016   The Hexagram network is please be part of a concerted action on responsible conduct in research-creation with a team of ethics and scientific integrity specialists from l’Université de Montréal.   Entitled «La conduite responsable en recherche-création : Outiller de façon créative pour répondre aux […]


  Credits: Martine Époque et Denis Poulin, CODA: le final du Sacre du printemps, 2015. With the artists’ permission.   Hexagram once again had the pleasure to welcome more than thirty guests from ELEKTRA’s MIAN. During this informal meeting, Hexagram artist-researchers members are linked with broadcasters, curators and participating artists. This is a special and […]

Student grants recipients

    Hexagram network wishes to acknowledge the work of all the students who participated in the 2015–2016 Student Grants Contest, as well as congratulating the laureates. Once again this year, there was an overwhelming response to this call for applicants which attests to the vitality of students research within the network.   —   […]

Re-Create 2015 – Documentation

    From November 4 to 8, 2015, Concordia University and UQAM hosted the 6th edition of the prestigious international conference Media Art Histories (MAH). The Montreal edition was titled Re-Create 2015 : Theories, Methods and Practices of Research-Creation in the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology. In collaboration with Re-Create 2015, the Emerging […]

[Hexagram] Student Grants 2015-2016

    The annual Hexagram Student Grants program is now launched! The application deadline is Monday, January 18, 2016 at 5 pm. Detailed information and application forms are available on our website.   Overview: Grants are awarded every year to students whose Supervisor or So-Supervisor is a member of Hexagram. These grants support research-creation projects with […]

Expanding Definitions of Glasswork

  Timothy Belliveau is the recipient of a Hexagram Research grant for Post Glass and Digital Craft, a project experimenting with 3D print and hot glass. His interest is to create research by generating objects and discussions that can expose our changing relationship to materials and work.   After extensively studying ancient mould-made glass at the Ennion exhibition at the MET, Timothy has successfully created a […]

Member’s General Assembly 2015

  The Hexagram Network’s Annual Member’s Assembly will be held Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at 2 pm and will take place at the Concordia University fine arts auditorium. 1515 Ste-Catherine St. West, EV Building ground floor, room EV-1.615.   Please submit your propositions for the agenda and any question about the network before April 9th.

Hexagram Student Member Manuelle Freire visits SymbioticA

  Manuelle Freire has been awarded an internationalization student grant to pursue her residency at SymbioticA – The Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, School of Anatomy Physiology & Human Biology at The University of Western Australia.   Manuelle’s doctoral research investigates institutional (systemic) and pedagogical (curricular) motivations and strategies in the development of higher […]

2014/15 Hexagram Student Member Grantees

  Hexagram is pleased to announce that the following students members have been awarded grants in 2014/15.   Research Name Project Title Catherine Béliveau L’indétermination architecturale : exploration des dynamiques de l’imagerie de synthèse à travers une pratique de l’installation Timothy Belliveau Post Glass and Digital Craft: the import of glassblowing tradition into 3D computer software […]

Information Workshop for CCV

  Updating your Canadian Common CV and filling out the attachment is a challenge? Maybe you have never created an account ?   Hexagram requires  Regular Members to update their CCV annually in order to maintain membership. Student members are also welcome to attend.   To help you meet the March 2nd deadline for updating your CCV, Hexagram has also […]

Interview with Chris Salter

The DEMO or Die event, which took place on March 20, 2014, featured researchers and practitioners from different fields and several universities in Montreal. | Photo courtesy of Hexagram   Check out  Hexagram: when art, technology and culture collide posted on January 21, 2015 | By: Tracey Lindeman  

Emerging Researchers’ Symposium – Re-Create 2015

Deadline extended to February 15, 2015     The next edition of the prestigious Media Art History – MAH Re-Create 2015 conference will be hosted by Hexagram in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), November 5 to 8. Please find the international call at   In tandem with this conference, a committee of students is organizing a one-day symposium on November 4th for international and local emerging researchers […]

Interview with Gisèle Trudel

Photo: The project Tryphons by Hexagram member Nicolas Reeves. Credit: Mathieu Pothier   Following an interview with Hexagram Co-Director Gisèle Trudel, Valérie Martin published the article  Au coeur de la recherche-création, in Actualités-UQAM.

Symposium Research as Practice

  On January 23 2015, Co-Directors Chris Salter and Gisèle Trudel will present the Hexagram Network and their own individual research at the Research as Practice Symposium. This event will be a post-graduate training day held at MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University that will explore a range of approaches to practice as research from practitioners and students in the […]

Hexagram Student Grants 2014-15

The annual Hexagram Student Grants program is now launched!     The deadline for applications is January 26, 2014, 4 pm.   Grants are awarded every year to students whose supervisor or co-supervisor is a member of Hexagram. The goal of these grants is to bring support to thesis-creation or thesis projects that contribute to […]

Re-Create 2015 – call for proposals

Call for Proposals now closed.     RE-CREATE 2015 The 10th anniversary and sixth international conference on the histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology   Re-Create 2015, the sixth international Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Re conference series. Re-Create 2015 is devoted […]

Media-N – call for papers

Deadline for submissions November 15, 2014     What is Research-Creation? Special issue of Media-N   This special issue of Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus will explore the various permutations of the term “research-creation” in relation to the work and community linked to the Hexagram Network for Research-Creation in Media Arts, Design and […]